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From Sai Sai <>
Subject Re:Partitioning confusion
Date Mon, 27 May 2013 07:38:11 GMT

After creating a partition for a country (USA) and state (IL) and when we go to the the hdfs
site to look at the partition in the browser we r seeing  all the records for all the countries
and states rather than just for the partition created for US and IL given below, is this correct
Here is my commands:

CREATE TABLE employees (name STRING, salary FLOAT, subordinates ARRAY<STRING>, deductions
MAP<STRING, FLOAT>, address STRUCT<street:STRING, city:STRING, state:STRING, zip:INT,
country:STRING> ) PARTITIONED BY (country STRING, state STRING);

LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/home/satish/data/employees/input/employees-country.txt' INTO TABLE
employees PARTITION (country='USA',state='IL');


Here is my original data file, where i have a few countries data such as USA, INDIA, UK, AUS:

John Doe100000.0Mary SmithTodd JonesFederal Taxes.2State Taxes.05Insurance.11 Michigan Ave.ChicagoIL60600USA
Mary Smith80000.0Bill KingFederal Taxes.2State Taxes.05Insurance.1100 Ontario St.ChicagoIL60601USA
Todd Jones70000.0Federal Taxes.15State Taxes.03Insurance.1200 Chicago Ave.Oak ParkIL60700USA
Bill King60000.0Federal Taxes.15State Taxes.03Insurance.1300 Obscure Dr.ObscuriaIL60100USA
Boss Man200000.0John DoeFred FinanceFederal Taxes.3State Taxes.07Insurance.051 Pretentious
Fred Finance150000.0Stacy AccountantFederal Taxes.3State Taxes.07Insurance.052 Pretentious
Stacy Accountant60000.0Federal Taxes.15State Taxes.03Insurance.1300 Main St.NapervilleIL60563USA
John Doe 2100000.0Mary SmithTodd JonesFederal Taxes.2State Taxes.05Insurance.11 Michigan Ave.ChicagoIL60600INDIA
Mary Smith 280000.0Bill KingFederal Taxes.2State Taxes.05Insurance.1100 Ontario St.ChicagoIL60601INDIA
Todd Jones 270000.0Federal Taxes.15State Taxes.03Insurance.1200 Chicago Ave.Oak ParkIL60700AUSTRALIA
Bill King 260000.0Federal Taxes.15State Taxes.03Insurance.1300 Obscure Dr.ObscuriaIL60100AUSTRALIA
Boss Man2 200000.0John DoeFred FinanceFederal Taxes.3State Taxes.07Insurance.051 Pretentious
Fred Finance 2150000.0Stacy AccountantFederal Taxes.3State Taxes.07Insurance.052 Pretentious
Stacy Accountant 260000.0Federal Taxes.15State Taxes.03Insurance.1300 Main St.NapervilleIL60563UK

Now when i navigate to:
Contents of directory /user/hive/warehouse/db1.db/employees/country=USA/state=IL


I see all the records and was wondering if it should have only USA & IL records.
Please help.
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