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From Raj Hadoop <>
Subject Sqoop Oracle Import to Hive Table - Error in metadata: InvalidObjectException
Date Sat, 25 May 2013 21:54:50 GMT

I am trying to run the following to load an Oracle table to Hive table using Sqoop,

sqoop import --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@// --table DS12.CREDITS
--username UPX1 --password piiwer --hive-import

Note: DS12 is a schema and UPX1 is the user through which the schema and the table in the
schema is accessed. I was able to access the table through sqlplus client tool.

I am getting the following error. Can any one identify the issue and let me know please?

ERROR exec.Task ( - FAILED: Error in metadata: InvalidObjectException(message:There
is no database named ds12)
org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.HiveException: InvalidObjectException(message:There is
no database named ds12)
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.Hive.createTable(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask.createTable(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask.execute(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.Task.executeTask(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.TaskRunner.runSequential(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.Driver.launchTask(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.Driver.execute(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.processLocalCmd(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.processCmd(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.processLine(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.processLine(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.processReader(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.processFile(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.CliDriver.main(
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
        at org.apache.hadoop.util.RunJar.main(
Caused by: InvalidObjectException(message:There is no database named dw)
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastore.HiveMetaStore$HMSHandler.create_table(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastore.HiveMetaStoreClient.createTable(
        at org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.Hive.createTable(
        ... 20 more

2013-05-25 17:37:14,276 ERROR ql.Driver ( - FAILED: Execution
Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask

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