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From jbuy0710 <>
Subject query hang when using RegexSerDe
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 11:29:52 GMT
Hi all,

I encounter a query hang issue when using RegexSerDe

input data format is deliminated by @@@
there are 37 columns and 20 rows in this file.

The execution steps are:
1. CREATE TABLE t1(var1 STRING,var2 STRING,var3 STRING,var4 STRING,var5
STRING,var6 STRING,var7 STRING,var8 STRING,var9 STRING,var10
STRING,var11 STRING,var12
STRING,var13 STRING,var14 STRING,var15 STRING,var16 STRING,var17 STRING,var18
STRING,var19 STRING,var20 STRING,var21 STRING,var22 STRING,var23
STRING,var24 STRING,var25 STRING,var26 STRING,var27 STRING,var28
STRING,var29 STRING,var30 STRING,var31 STRING,var32 STRING,var33
STRING,var34 STRING,var35 STRING,var36
'org.apache.hadoop.hive.contrib.serde2.RegexSerDe'WITH SERDEPROPERTIES
("input.regex" =

load data local inpath 'input.txt' overwrite into table t1;

select * from t1;
It will show OK in console and hang.

select var1 from t1;
The progress of map and reduce are always 0 until timeout.

If I create a table with small size ( EX:15 columns and 20 rows) , the
queries are normal.

If any other information are needed, please tell me.
I would appreciate a lot if anyone could tell me what I am missing.

Best Regards

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