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From Sadananda Hegde <>
Subject Re: Bucketing external tables
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2013 17:46:21 GMT
I was able to load data into bucketed tables. I verified that the number of
files created in each of the partitioned folder matches the number of
buckets specified in my CREATE statement. But I don't see any immprovements
in the query speed. I tried with 90 buckets, 360 and 720 buckets. I have
SET hive.enforce.bucketing=true and set hive.optimize.bucketmapjoin=true;
Do I need to set any other parameters? Do I need to use MAPJOIN hint in my
join for it to use bucket join. I am not sure where to look for to verify
that it's using the map side bucket joins. Greatly appreciate any  help /
insgught .


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