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From Xun TANG <>
Subject Table present in HDFS but 'show table' Returns Empty
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2013 04:48:03 GMT
Hi guys,

I've created hive tables via 'hive -f' or hive interactive shell. Data are
loaded to tables right after, so the tables are not empty. However, when I
log out and log in to hive shell again, 'show tables' return 0 table, while
'hadoop list' command shows the hdfs files are still where they were.

So my questions are,
1. What triggered hive to 'forget' the tables?
2. How to make hive permanently (or within the lifecycle of hadoop daemons)
remember the tables until they were dropped?

This problem has puzzled me for a while, and I could not find similar
question/answer online... Did I miss some configuration?


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