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From java8964 java8964 <>
Subject difference between add jar in hive session and hive --auxpath
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 22:47:26 GMT

I have a hive table which uses the jar file provided from the elephant-bird, which is a framework
integrated between lzo and google protobuf data and hadoop/hive.
If I use the hive command like this:
hive --auxpath path_to_jars, it works fine to query my table, 
but if I use the add jar after I started the hive session, I will get ClassNotFoundException
in the runtime of my query of the classes in those jars.
My questions are:
1) What is the different between hive --auxpath and "add jar" in the hive session?2) This
problem makes it is hard to access my table in the HUE, as it only supports "add jar", but
not --auxpath option. Any suggestions?

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