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From Sai Sai <>
Subject hive newb questions
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 08:30:27 GMT
I was wondering if it is right to assume:

1. The first time we create a table in hive and load it followed by running the first query

Select * from Table1

will result in a MR job running and will get the data to us.

If we run the same query second time MR job will not run but will result in just fetch the

2. If the above assumption is not right is possible to cache the data in hive so the MR job
will not run 
again for the subsequent queries and just fetch it right away.

3. Once we load the data in hive table how many days should we keep it.

4. Is it a good practise to remove the data in a certain period of time as it may take a large

5. Should this really be a concern or not as the memory today is not that expensive.

Any inputs will be appreciated.
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