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From Marcin Cylke <>
Subject Re: hive-0.10 and nullpointerexception
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 09:05:23 GMT
On 20/02/13 00:19, Mark Grover wrote:

> Could you try setting mapred.job.tracker property in your
> mapred-site.xml to your jobtracker and see if that fixes it?

I've been setting while in hive with:

set mapred.job.tracker = 'host:port'

but this didn't help. Is setting that property in mapred-site.xml any

I've created a GIST with config and logs from my test:

What I did was just call the following commands:

use hdp_sand; -- to change schema
select  count(*) from page_view;

page_view is a simple table, from hive "Getting started" guide. It has
partitions in my case, but doing the same on a non-partitioned table
produces the same error.

> Also, if you could provide me any information (your config, setup,
> which queries fail, etc.) that could help me in reproducing the
> problem on hive trunk would be greatly appreciated!

I'll build the trunk and try to test it. Then I'll let you know if that


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