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From Richard <>
Subject Re:create a hive table: always a tab space before each line
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 08:49:56 GMT
more information:

if I set the format as textfile, there is no tab space. 
if I set the format as sequencefile and view the content via hadoop fs -text, I saw a tab
space in the head of each line.

At 2013-01-09 15:44:00,Richard <> wrote:

hi there

I have a problem with creating a hive table.
no matter what field delimiter I used, I always got a tab space in the head of each line (a
line is a record).
something like this:
\t f1 \001 f2 \001 f3 ...
where f1 , f2 , f3 denotes the field value and \001 is the field separator.

here is the clause I used 
35 create external table if not exists ${HIVETBL_my_table}
 36 (
 37 nid string, 
 38 userid string, 
 39 spv bigint, 
 40 sipv bigint, 
 41 pay bigint, 
 42 spay bigint, 
 43 ipv bigint, 
 44 sellerid string, 
 45 cate string
 46 )
 47 partitioned by(ds string)
 48 row format delimited fields terminated by '\001' lines terminated by '\n'
 49 stored as sequencefile
 50 location '${HADOOP_PATH_4_MY_HIVE}/${HIVETBL_my_table}';

thanks for help.


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