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From Bing Li <>
Subject how to manage hive query logs in hive.querylog.location
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 09:47:48 GMT
Hi, All
Hive keeps its structured query logs in hive.querylog.location which is set
in hive-site.xml.

There are two kinds of log files kept in hive.querylog.location,
- hive_job_log_<random unique number>.txt
Hive history file, which would be created when hive CLI launched each time,
e.g. "hive -e" invoked

- ${user_name}_<random unique number>.pipeout
Temporary files used to store results of non-Hive commands (e.g. set, dfs).
Sometimes it's empty and zero-length, is it expected?

Is there a way to manage above temp log files:
1. Do these files ever get cleaned up?
2. Is there a limit to how many of these files will be created?
3. Is there a configuration that will either limit the creation of these
files or clean them up?

- Bing

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