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From John Omernik <>
Subject Running commands at hive cli or hive thirft startup
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 16:55:34 GMT
I am looking for ways to streamline some of my analytics. One thing I
notice is that when I use hive cli, or connect to my hive thrift server,
there are a some commands I always end up running for my session.  If I
have multiple CLIs or connections to Thrift, then I have to run it each
time. If I lose a connection to hive thrift, I have to run them.  Etc etc.

My thought was, is there a way that upon opening a hive cli or connection
to a hive thrift server, could I have certain commands be executed?

These commands include a use command to get me to a specific database
(perhaps there is a default database config variable?) or loading up all
the temporary functions I use (UDFs) .

For example, I have a UDF to do URL decoding:


Can I get this to run auto magically at hive cli start or thrift server

If not, could we build it in that we can add UDFs to hive without doing a
recompile that stay in permanently?

I would welcome discussion on this!

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