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From Manish Malhotra <>
Subject Re: Locking in HIVE : How to use locking/unlocking features using hive java API ?
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 08:48:57 GMT
Sending again, as got no response.

Can somebody from Hive dev group please review my approach and reply?


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 11:17 PM, Manish Malhotra <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm building / designing a back-up and restore tool for hive data for
> Disaster Recovery scenarios.
> I'm trying to understand the locking behavior of HIVE that is currently
> supporting ZooKeeper for locking.
> My thought process if like this ( early design.)
> 1. Backing up the meta-data of hive.
> 2. Backing up the data for hive tables on s3 or hdfs or NFS
> 3. Restoring table(s):
>     a. Only Data
>     b. Schema and data
> So, to achieve 1st task, this is the flow I'm thinking.
> a. Check whether there is any exclusive lock on the Table, whose meta-data
> needs to be backed up.
>          if YES then don't do any thing, wait and retry for configured
> no/frequency
>          if NO: Then get the meta-data of the table and create the DDL
> statement for HIVE including table / partition etc.
> For 2nd task:
> a. Check whether the table has any exclusive lock,
>         if NOT take shared lock and start copy, once done release the
> shared lock.
>         if YES then then wait and retry.
> For 3rd: Restoring:
> a. Only Data: Check if there is any lock on the table.
>                      if NO, then take the exclusive lock, insert the data
> into table, release the lock.
>                      if YES then wait and retry.
> b. Schema and Data:
>                 Check if there is any lock on table/partition.
>                       if NO then Drop and create table/partitions.
>                       if YES then wait and retry.
>                  Once schema is created:
>                       take the exclusive lock, insert data, release lock.
> Now I'm going to run this kind of job from my scheduler / WF engine.
> I need input on following questions:
> a. Is this overall approach looks good?
> b. How can I take and release different locks explicitly using HIVE API.
> ref:
> If I understood correctly, As per this still HIVE doesn't support locking
> explicitly at API level.
> Is there any plan or patch to get this done.
> I saw some classes like *ZooKeeperHiveLock *etc.but need to dig further
> to see, if can use these classes for locking features.
> Thanks for your time and effort.
> Regards,
> Manish

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