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From Manish Malhotra <>
Subject Re: Locking in HIVE : How to use locking/unlocking features using hive java API ?
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 20:35:32 GMT
Thanks Ruslan,

Please see my inline comments,

Why do you need metadata backup? Can't you just store all the table create
statements in an init file?

MM: Because I don't want to depend on the init script that will have all
the entries for all the tables.
And this backup tool should be independent of any application or process to
be follows like maintaining all the tables in init file.
Secondly, I want to club the metadata and data backup, so to restore data,
user can say give me User data for these dates.

 If you care about Partitions that have been created dynamically then you
can restore them from data by RECOVER PARTITIONS (if using Amazon EMR) or
an analog check command for a regular distro of Hadoop (I don't remember
what the name is).

MM: Dont want to go to EMR route, will check the hadoop/hive based way of


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