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From Fernando Andrés Doglio Turissini <>
Subject Re: Creating external table poiting to s3 folder with files not loading data
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 11:32:42 GMT
Hello, and thank you both for your answers...
I think I found the problem... keep in mind I'm quite new to all this
Hive/Hadoop stuff :)

I think my problem was due to the fact that the create table statement had
the partition defined but the information was not partitioned on the file
system (it was just 1 file inside a folder).

I'm guessing that what I have to do, is load the data into a
non-partitioned table and then  copy the information using hive and dynamic
partitioning the data in the same query... is that right?

Thanks again!

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 1:22 PM, Dean Wampler <> wrote:

> A couple of clarifying questions and suggestions. First, keep in mind that
> Hive doesn't care if you have a typo of some kind in your external location
> ;) Use DESCRIBE FORMATTED to verify the path is right. For an external
> partitioned table, DESCRIBE FORMATTED table
> PARTITION(col1=val1,col2=val2,...).
> A dumb mistake I've often made is use a variable in a script, e.g., "...
> LOCATION '${DATA}/foo/bar/baz';" and forget to define DATA when invoking
> the script.
> When you said "load a file", did you mean using the LOAD DATA ... INPATH
> 's3n://...' command? I've read that s3n is not supported for these
> statements, but I'm not sure that's actually true.
> If everything looks correct, you should be able to do hadoop fs -ls
> s3n://... successfully. Actually, since your hive environment could have
> different settings for some filesystem properties, it might be a better
> check to use dfs -ls ... at the hive CLI prompt.
> Otherwise, it's probably the SerDe, as Mark suggested. If possible, I
> would attempt to use the data in some temporary external table using a
> built-in SerDe, like the default, just to confirm that it's not a file
> system issue and it's probably the SerDe.
> Hope that helps.
> dean
> On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 8:05 AM, Fernando Andrés Doglio Turissini <
>> wrote:
>> Long subject, I know.. let me explain a bit more about the problem:
>> I'm trying to load a file into a hive table (this is on an EMR instance)
>> for that I create an external table, and I set the location to the folder
>> on an s3 bucket, where the file resides.
>> The problem is that even though the table is created correctly, when I do
>> a "select * from table" it returns nothing. I'm not seeing errors on the
>> logs either, so I don't know what can be happening....
>> Also, probably important: I'm using a custom SerDe that I did not
>> write...but I do have the code for it.
>> I'm quite new to hive, so I appreciate any kind of pointers you can throw
>> at me.
>> Thanks!
>> Fernando Doglio
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> *Dean Wampler, Ph.D.*
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