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From Ibrahim Yakti <>
Subject Reflect MySQL updates into Hive
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2012 13:08:39 GMT
Hi All,

We are new to hadoop and hive, we are trying to use hive to
run analytical queries and we are using sqoop to import data into hive, in
our RDBMS the data updated very frequently and this needs to be reflected
to hive. Hive does not support update/delete but there are many workarounds
to do this task.

What's in our mind is importing all the tables into hive as is, then we
build the required tables for reporting.

My questions are:

   1. What is the best way to reflect MySQL updates into Hive with minimal
   2. Is sqoop the right tool to do the ETL?
   3. Is Hive the right tool to do this kind of queries or we should search
   for alternatives?

Any hint will be useful, thanks in advanced.


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