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From java8964 java8964 <>
Subject Array index support non-constant expresssion
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 22:24:52 GMT

Hi, In our project to use the HIVE on CDH3U4 release (Hive 0.7.1), I have a hive table like
the following:
Table foo (   search_results array<struct<id:bigint,..............>>   search_clicks
array<struct<index_loc:int, ..............>>)
As you can see, the 2nd column, which represents the list of search results clicked, contains
the index location of which results was clicked (starting from 0). Now I need to find out
the click count of some IDs, but this IDs only exists in the search_result struct.
When I tried to write a query for this, I will try to do following first:

select search_results[c.index_loc] from foo lateral view explode(search_clicks) clickTable
as c;
But it won't work in hive, as the following error message returned:AILED: Error in semantic
analysis: Line 1:7 Non-constant expressions for array indexes not supported rank.
It looks like that currently Hive (at least 0.7) does NOT support non-constant expressions
as the array index.
I searched on google, and found out the following HIVE jira ticket:
It looks like someone has the same request to support it, but not yet.
But there is a comment in the above ticket that it can be done in an UDF. My question is,
can anyone share some ideas about how to archive this in an UDF, as it maybe the only option
for me right now?
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