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From "Connell, Chuck" <>
Subject BINARY column type
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2012 16:50:47 GMT
I am trying to use BINARY columns and believe I have the perfect use-case for it, but I am
missing something. Has anyone used this for true binary data (which may contain newlines)?

Here is the background... I have some files that each contain just one logical field, which
is a binary object. (The files are Google Protobuf format.) I want to put these binary files
into a larger file, where each protobuf is a logical record. Then I want to define a Hive
table that stores each protobuf as one row, with the entire protobuf object in one BINARY
column. Then I will use a custom UDF to select/query the binary object.

This is about as simple as can be for putting binary data into Hive.

What file format should I use to package the binary rows? What should the Hive table definition
be? Which SerDe option (LazySimpleBinary?). I cannot use TEXTFILE, since the binary may contain
newlines. Many of my attempts have choked on the newlines.

Thank you,

Chuck Connell


Burlington, MA

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