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From Manish Malhotra <>
Subject Re: Hive Meta Server (Thrift Server) Failover / Redundancy / Load Balancing
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2012 03:39:33 GMT
Thanks Ashutosh,

For quick reply.

1. For non-secure MetaServer: I'm wondering if I add LoadBalancer like
HAProxy in between then we don't need to handle the failover at the Thrift
client side.
So, If I use LB in between Thrift Client and MetaServer, then it should be
good to use ?
May be I'm missing something, but I'll check out the code and see what is
the status of the patch and what additional work is required.

2. For Secure MetaServer: I need to dig further into code, and then will
ask more questions if required.
I believe storing token into DB patch is available for review but not
available as the one which is ready to use. Or I can try out that patch
when using the secured one?

Again thanks your help !!


On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Ashutosh Chauhan <>wrote:

> Hi Manish,
> Your understanding is mostly correct, though there is one additional bit.
> MetastoreClient in current incarnation don't automatically reconnect in
> case connection gets dropped for a connected session. As a result, it won't
> failover active connections. New connections would be fine. Fortunately,
> though there is a work in progress for this on :
> In case you want to help
> out you should help there.
> For secure case, as you pointed out you additionally need ZooKeeper to
> store security tokens. So, you need to bring up a ZK cluster. But, if you
> think dedicating 3 nodes for ZK for metastore is an overhead then you would
> need With that patch,
> tokens are stored in same backend db, so there would be no need to bring up
> ZK cluster.
> Hopefully, both of these patches gets in for 0.10 release.
> Thanks,
> Ashutosh
> On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:28 PM, Manish Malhotra <
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need to build a failover/LB solution for Hive Services.
>> MySQL DB is fine, and can work out.
>> But for Hive Metastore Service, can I simply put the Load Balancer like
>> HA Proxy etc. in between the client and achieve this.
>> Thrift Servers and default stateless, not sure about hive one.
>> I red very few comments on this problem.
>> Similar approach blogged at :
>> Very Imp from HCatalog mailing thread:
>> As per this mailing thread, if security is used in HIVE thrift meta
>> server then need to do more modification in the server as it maintain the
>> token of user for that session. (user connection).
>> Please help me to move forward on this problem and please verify if my
>> understanding is correct or not on the above 2 blogs / mail.
>> Is there any initial work done under HCatalog or Hive, which I can look
>> into and extend / patch.
>> Regards,
>> Manish

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