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From Sam Darwin <>
Subject hive table missing
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2012 10:49:14 GMT

We are seeing a hive table is gone unexpectedly.

I suspect that this must have been caused by someone somewhere issuing
a "drop table" command.    But it's unclear.

My question is :   are there other known ways for hive to lose a table
besides "drop table".      For example, let's say that the underlying
hdfs file system is having some trouble, it is unreachable for a few
minutes, maybe hive could think "I don't see the hdfs files I need for
this table.   I will assume the user wishes to delete the table."
And then it proceeds to cause an automatic deletion.         That
would certainly be terrible.   :-)         But I hope you see what I
am getting at..    Other ways which might cause a table to be lost,
besides someone typing in the "drop table" command in a hive session.


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