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From Something Something <>
Subject Questions about Hive
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 05:38:46 GMT
Note:  I am a newbie to Hive.

Can someone please answer the following questions?

1)  Does Hive provide APIs (like HBase does) that can be used to retrieve
data from the tables in Hive from a Java program?  I heard somewhere that
the data can be accessed with JDBC (style) APIs.  True?

2)  I don't see how I can add indexes on the tables, so does that mean a
query such as the following will trigger a MR job that will search files on
HDFS sequentially?

hive> SELECT FROM invites a WHERE a.ds='2008-08-15';

3)  Has anyone compared performance of Hive against other NOSQL databases
such as HBase, MongoDB.  I understand it's not exactly apples to apples
comparison, but still...


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