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From Jakub Holy <>
Subject Does Hive expose anything useful over JMX?
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 16:00:50 GMT

Does Hive expose any interesting information or stats over JMX, similarly
to Hadoop's JobTracker and NameNode?

I haven't found any in hive 0.8.1 even though f.ex. would indicate that there
should be some metrics exposed.

(I executed Hive with and connected to it with VisualVM,
making use of the MBeans extension to list whatever is available via JMX,
which worked well with Hadoop.)

Are there some alternative ways to get some monitoring information from
Hive? My motivation is that recently we had few hundred corrupted blocks
which drove Hive (accessed over Thrift) crazy, namely it was accepting
queries but never sent any jobs to the JobTracker and consumed lot of CPU
and memory. We weren't able to detect what is going on as there was nothing
significant in any log so a better monitoring is certainly needed.

Thank you!

Best Regards, Jakub Holy

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Jakub Holy
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