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From Robin Verlangen <>
Subject Hive ignoring buckets when using dynamic where
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:36:17 GMT
Hi there,

We're working on some queries that use buckets to improve performance with
like 1000x. However we ran into a problem. When we use a fixed hardcoded
date it works fine:

SELECT * FROM standard_feed WHERE bdate='2012-09-01'
*Starts a job with 6 mappers, 2 reducers*

When we use it dynamically:
SELECT * FROM standard_feed WHERE bdate=to_date(unix_timestamp())
*Starts a job with 1000 mappers, 2 reducers*
What's the problem here? The result of the to_date of the current timestamp
should be equal to a normal fixed date? Does anyone have a solution?

Best regards,

Robin Verlangen
*Software engineer*

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