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From "Bejoy KS" <>
Subject Re: hive table missing
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2012 11:11:01 GMT
Hi Sam

Hive table details are on he metastore db and would be gone only if that entry is deleted.
That is on a drop command normally.

Hive table will be there even if there is no data corresponding to the storage location. Infact
it'd be there even if the store location doesn't exists.

Bejoy KS

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From: Sam Darwin <>
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 12:49:14 
To: <>
Subject: hive table missing


We are seeing a hive table is gone unexpectedly.

I suspect that this must have been caused by someone somewhere issuing
a "drop table" command.    But it's unclear.

My question is :   are there other known ways for hive to lose a table
besides "drop table".      For example, let's say that the underlying
hdfs file system is having some trouble, it is unreachable for a few
minutes, maybe hive could think "I don't see the hdfs files I need for
this table.   I will assume the user wishes to delete the table."
And then it proceeds to cause an automatic deletion.         That
would certainly be terrible.   :-)         But I hope you see what I
am getting at..    Other ways which might cause a table to be lost,
besides someone typing in the "drop table" command in a hive session.

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