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From Tom Brown <>
Subject Question about query result storage
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 21:32:11 GMT

I'm a new Hive user and I've just run my first large query (a few
hours). Unfortunately, I ran it from the CLI, and the output was
longer than my SSH client allowed for (scroll buffer) so I can't see
the first 1/2 of the result. (It also changes tabs to spaces so
properly aligning the columns of the result is difficult as well).

When a query is run through the CLI, is the result stored anywhere
(even temporarily)? I would love to not have to run the query again,
but will if I have to.

However, when I run the query again (from the CLI), I'm not sure how
to correctly store the results. Should I just pipe all output of the
CLI to a file and ignore the few hours of status updates? Can anyone
give any suggestions on what the most appropriate way to accomplish
this is?

Thanks in advance.


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