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From shaik ahamed <>
Subject unable to create external table plz corrrect the syntax
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 15:08:41 GMT
Thanks for the reply guys,

I have tried using the below cmd

 usr/local/hive-0.9.0# load data local inpath
‘/usr/local/hadoop_dir/hadoop/big_data/vender_details.txt’ into table

in the above hive path we cant load the data using the above cmd ?

In the below there  is an syntax error
plz correct it

hive> create external table vender(vender string,supplier string,order_date
int)['./usr/local/hadoop_dir/hadoop/big_data/vender_details.txt'] [ row
format delimited fields terminated by ' ' stored as textfile] ;

FAILED: Parse Error: line 1:90 mismatched input '[' expecting EOF near ')'
Thanks in advance


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