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From Raihan Jamal <>
Subject Difference between timestamp is 15 minutes
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2012 23:48:34 GMT
This is the CREATED_TIME *`2012-07-17 00:00:22`* and this is the
Corresponding Timestamp *`1342508427000`*. Here timestamp is *5
seconds*more than the
*`CREATED_TIME`*. I need to see below scenario

Currently I have a query, in which I am joining on created_time and
timestamp like this-

ON (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(testingtable1.created_time) = (prod_and_ts.timestamps /

So in above case, it will not match as timestamp is 5 seconds more than
created_time. But I need if the difference between either of the two is
within 15 minutes then I need to match it.

So I need something like this-

ON (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(testingtable1.created_time) - (prod_and_ts.timestamps /
1000) = 15 minutes)

How I can do the above case if difference between timestamps is within 15
minutes then data will get matched by the above `ON clause`

*Raihan Jamal*

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