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From Techy Teck <>
Subject /apache/hive/bin/hive: line 107: [: too many arguments error
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 18:34:27 GMT
I am trying to execute the below shell scripts using PLINK on MachineB from
MachineA(Windows Machine)

*HIVE_OPTS="$HIVE_OPTS -hiveconf"*
*export HIVE_OPTS*
*hive -S -e 'SELECT count(*) from testingtable1' > attachment22.txt*

*Below is the way I am doing currently using plink*

C:\PLINK>plink uname@MachineB -m
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Your Kerberos password will expire in 73 days.

*And this is the below error I am getting? And I have no idea what does
that means.. Can anyone help me out here?*
/apache/hive/bin/hive: line 107: [: too many arguments

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