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From Manisha Gayathri <>
Subject Re: Possibility of defining the Output directory programmatically
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 08:34:31 GMT
Hi Vinod,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Understood your point and sorry for not providing the complete code segment

I have the getFilePath function which should return a URL like this.


The defined function works perfectly if I put *getFilePath( "0","testServer"
) *into the *select* statement.

But I want to get that particular URL as the *local directory name*.
(The requirement is such that this should not be hard-coded in the hive
query. Rather should be generated in the custom UDF. )

So can I do something like I v shown below?

*set file_name= getFilePath( "0","testServer" );    *//Define a parameter.*
*INSERT OVERWRITE LOCAL DIRECTORY 'file:///${hiveconf:file_name}'
         *//Assign the above parameter as the file URL

I tried this way. But the directory name is returned as

file:/getFilePath( "0" , "testServer" )

Does that mean I cannot use UDF to define the local directory name? Or am I
doing anything wrong in here?


On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 1:47 PM, Vinod Singh <> wrote:

> The output path in this query is already parameterized-
> *INSERT OVERWRITE LOCAL DIRECTORY 'file:///${hiveconf:file_name}'*
> Though UDF is not going to be invoked here.
> Thanks,
> Vinod
> 2012/7/23 Manisha Gayathri <>
>> Hi
>> Is there any possibility of defining the output directory of a hive
>> query using a Hive UDF?
>> In my UDF, I am passing 2 parameters (as follows) and this generates a
>> file-system URL
>> *getFilePath( "0","testServer" );*
>> Can I use the above getFilePath( "0","testServer" ) value, as the Local
>> Directory location as follows?
>> *INSERT OVERWRITE LOCAL DIRECTORY 'file:///${hiveconf:file_name}'*
>> If above is not the correct way, could you please show me how to do it?
>> Your help is much appreciated!
>> Thanks
>> ~Regards
>> *Manisha Eleperuma*
>> Software Engineer
>> *
>> *

*Manisha Eleperuma*
Software Engineer

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