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From shan s <>
Subject subquery in select
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 15:14:28 GMT
Hi All,
Does hive support subquery in select statement?

Given below data, I need counts and percentage counts per category. The
divisor in my case is not the total count, but something that is stored in
another table.. In T-SQL, I can do subquery in select statement to get my

Select id, count(*), count(*)/ (select val from tableY where name like
>From data
Group by category

What am I missing? This looks like a simple case..
Id Category         Count Output   Percentage Output
1    A                    A      4             A     40 (4/10)*100
2    A                    B      3             B     30
3    B                    C      3             C     30
4    A
5    C
6    C
7    B
8    B
9    A
10  C
Thanks, Prashant

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