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From Ruben de Vries <>
Subject JOIN + LATERAL VIEW works, but + MAPJOIN and no longer get any results
Date Tue, 22 May 2012 09:30:02 GMT
Okay first off; I know JOIN + LATERAL VIEW together isn't working so I moved my JOIN into a
subquery and that makes the query work properly

However when I added a MAPJOIN hint for the JOIN in the subquery it will also stop doing the
reducer for the main query!
This only happens when there's a LATERAL VIEW in there though, if I remove the LATERAL VIEW
then the main query still get's a reducer to do grouping

Here's a gist: Containing the queries and a PHP script which
you can run to execute the test case I'm using, which does;
* setup a database called hive_mapjoin
* setup tables
* load some test data
* do the selects

You'll need the json-serde-1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar
with it though and change the path 
I guess looking at the queries you guys can probally figure out a better testcase, but maybe
it's helpful 

Not sure if this is a bug or me doing something that just isn't supposed to be working, but
I can't seem to find any pointers that this wouldn't be supported...

Here's another gist with the plan.xml:

I've also created a ticket in JIRA but it doesn't seem to get any attention at all:

Greetz, Ruben de Vries

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