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From Abhishek Parolkar <>
Subject Repeatedly getting (java.lang.RuntimeException: Error while reading from task log url)
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 08:45:13 GMT
Hi There!
  I have been doing an interesting experiment of building mac mini cluster (
  I am continuously getting "*Exception in thread "Thread-69"
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error while reading from task log ur*l" errors
when I run hive queries on large set of data.

  my current query looks like: INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE new_tbl PARTITION
(ds, hour) SELECT  line, ds, hour FROM old_tbl where ds like '2012-02%';

  old_tbl stores data as text (gziped) new_tbl as SEQUENCEFILE.

I also see for tasks failed, and their logs lokks same (I checked the file
reported with "hadoop fs -text" and it looks fine)

Searching about the issue, I found that many people face this issue because
tasktracker went down and needed to increase =
I did that and didnt make a difference.

My Configuration:
Hadoop Version: Hadoop 1.0.0
Platform: OS X 10.7.2 (Mac mini )
Nodes: 3 Data , 1 Namenode , 1 Jobtracker, 3 TaskTracker
Hive version: 0.8.1
ulimit -a of all nodes:
memory per node (sysctl -n hw.memsize) : 4.096G
free_mem <>: 1.89G
output of allmemory:

FSCK of whole external table location :


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