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From Evan Pollan <>
Subject Custom SerDe -- tracking down stack trace
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 20:56:07 GMT
I have a custom SerDe that's initializing properly and works on one data set.  I built it to
adapt to a couple of different data formats, though, and it's choking on a different data
set (different partitions in the same table).

A null pointer exception is being thrown on deserialize, that's being wrapped by an IOException
somewhere up the stack.  The exception is showing up in the hive output ("Failed with exception"), but I can't find the stack trace in
any logs.

It's worth noting that I'm running hive via the cli on a machine external to the cluster,
and the query doesn't get far enough to create any M/R tasks.  I looked in all log files in
/var/log on the hive client machine, and in all userlogs on each cluster instance.  I also
looked in derby.log (I'm using the embedded metastore) and in /var/lib/hive/metastore on the
hive client machine.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious…  Any ideas?

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