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From Kevin Wilfong <>
Subject Potential change to metastore Thrift APIs
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 02:29:29 GMT
This is regarding

I am working on adding a new string parameter to most metastore RPCs  which either create,
get, or drop a table, partition, or index.  This can either be done by

  1.  adding the parameter to the existing RPCs and modifying to
wrap these using the old RPC's, or
  2.  adding new, nearly duplicate, RPCs which take the parameter.

Option 1, will break any existing Thrift clients other than once
the user updates The calls to the modified RPCs will need to be
updated to pass some value, in place of the parameter even if the user doesn’t plan to use
the new feature( in which case they can pass null)

However, Option 1 will reduce code duplication, and keep the interface simpler.

I wanted to get a sense of how many people are using Thrift clients other than,
and which option is generally preferred.

I am, of course, also open to other ideas.

- Kevin Wilfong

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