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From Abhishek Parolkar <>
Subject Hive CLI (v0.8.1) -e option trowing parse error all the time
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 03:52:46 GMT
Hi All:

  I am trying to get -e option in hive CLI work for me. Looks like it isn't
straight forward.

hadoopnode1:~ hadoop$ hive
hive> desc temp_logs;
log_time string
namespace string
json string
ds string
hour string
Time taken: 2.832 seconds
hive> exit;

hadoopnode1:~ hadoop$ hive -e "desc temp_logs;"
FAILED: Parse Error: line 1:0 cannot recognize input near 'desc' '<EOF>'
'<EOF>' in describe statement

What is -e expecting the query to be?


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