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From "hezhiqiang (Ransom)" <>
Subject Map<String,Array<String>> cann't insert two or more array values
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:06:31 GMT
Hi all

I create a table like this:
create table if not exists employee10
(Id int ,Mapdata Map<String,Array<String>>)
row format delimited fields terminated by ',' collection items terminated by '@' map keys
terminated by '$'  stored as textfile;
I can load data like this:
1,x$2  // success
2,x$1@y$3  // success
3,x$2@3@y$4 // faild the value is  3       {"x":["2"],"3":null,"y":["4"]}    just  like this
So I can't load data like in Map<String,Array<String>>  more Array value?
Is a bug or not supported yet? Or how can I load more data to array in map?

Best regards

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