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From Mark Grover <>
Subject Re: Hive Reducers hanging - interesting problem - skew ?
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 22:09:03 GMT
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From: "john smith" <>
Sent: Monday, December 5, 2011 4:38:14 PM
Subject: Hive Reducers hanging - interesting problem - skew ?

Hi list, 

I am trying to run a Join query on my 10 node cluster. My query looks as follows 

select * from A JOIN B on (A.a = B.b) 

size of A = 15 million rows 
size of B = 1 million rows 

The problem is A.a and B.b has around 25-30 distinct values per column which implies that
they have high selectivities and the reducers are bulky. 

However the performance hit is so horrible that , ALL my reducers hang @ 75% for 6 hours and
doesn't move further. 

The only thing that log shows up is "Join operator - forwarding rows ---------------<Huge
number>" kinds of logs for all this long. What does this mean ? 
There is no swapping happening and the CPU % is constantly around 40% for all this time (observed
through Ganglia) . 

Any way I can solve this problem? Can anyone help me with this? 


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