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From "Alexander C.H. Lorenz" <>
Subject Re: Is there a reason for the Hive remote metastore to execute commands as different users?
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 07:47:24 GMT
Derby depends on a local filestore, for more flexibility and security I
suggest mysql as a metastore.

- Alex

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 3:06 AM, Alex Holmes <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running Hive 0.7.1 with a remote metastore (Derby) on Hadoop 0.20.2.
> Is there a reason that CREATE and DROP commands when translated into
> HDFS operations are run as the remote Hive metastore user, but a LOAD
> is translated into HDFS operations that are executed as the Hive
> client user?  If my understanding is correct, doesn't this mean that:
> 1.  The Hive remote metastore must always be run as a superuser, which
> is arguably a security risk.  If I run the Hive remote metastore as a
> non-superuser different from the Hive client user, then a LOAD DATA
> LOCAL (with the HDFS umask default of 022) creates a directory chmod'd
> 755, which doesn't give the Hive metastore user permissions to remove
> the directory in a subsequent DROP.
> 2.  The Hive client must have write permissions on the initial table
> directory created by the CREATE command executed as the Hive remove
> metastore user.  This would only work in cases where both the remote
> Hive metastore user and the client Hive user were the same user, or if
> the Hive client were a superuser.  In my own testing the only way I
> could get this to work when they were different users (and not
> superusers) was in the application of a locally written patch which
> addresses HIVE-2504.
> Maybe I'm over-simplifying, but couldn't all the Hive remote metastore
> HDFS operations be run as the Hive client's user/group?
> Thanks,
> Alex

Alexander Lorenz

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