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From Pradeep Kamath <>
Subject Building dependencies into UDAF jar
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 18:21:26 GMT
  I am trying to build a hive UDAF which has dependencies on other 
external jars (like log4j) - is there a way in which I can bundle the 
main classes for my UDAF and all the dependent jars into one jar for use in my hive query.
I tried having my UDF classes at the top level and 
dependency jars in a "lib" directory inside one jar and then using "add 
jar UDAF.jar" but that did not work (classes from dependency jars were 
not being resolved). Setting HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH environment variable 
does work but requires that I have all the dependent jars separately on 
the local filesystem where I run the hive query from. It would be more 
convenient for me to build one self contained jar and refer to that in 
my query (due to some restrictions in the cluster I run the query in) - is that possible?

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