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From Tony Burton <>
Subject UnixODBC and Hive setup
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 16:05:42 GMT

I'm having trouble installing and running UnixODBC for Hive. Can anyone help? I'm trying to
follow the guide at but it's not
very helpful. I'm trying to install on Ubuntu 11.10.
I've got the Thrift server up and running (I think) - following the instructions at
I start the server, it says "Starting Hive Thrift Server" with no further output until the
ant tests run. Both tests mentioned on
run and are successful.

I run into trouble with the next step on,
the section titled "Driver Architecture" onwards. I build the Hive Client using this command:

> ant compile-cpp -Dthrift.home=<THRIFT_HOME>

Where THRIFT_HOME is the path to my installation of Thrift (in this case, /usr/local/lib).
When I run the ant build, it fails because it can't find header file fb303_types.h. Any idea
where this file should come from?

Also, when building the unixODBC code (following instructions at,
I get no in my Drivers/hive/.libs directory - in fact, the hive directory
in Drivers does not exist. How do I persuade the build to create the hive-related directories
and libraries?

Many thanks in advance for your help,


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