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From Bejoy Ks <>
Subject Re: Hive Dynamic Partions - How to avoid overwrite
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2011 18:14:09 GMT
Thanks Florin for your response.
But in the suggested approach, I'd have a concern. my partitioned table in course of time
would hols 100ds of Terabytes of data. So every time when I'm loading my data from staging
table intothe production partitioned table and UNION over the same would be way too expensive.

Is there any other workaround you feel would be suitable in my case.

Thanks and Regards

From: Florin Diaconeasa <>
To:; Bejoy Ks <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 2:46 AM
Subject: Re: Hive Dynamic Partions - How to avoid overwrite

I would recommend doing the following SELECT:



FROM <input_table>


FROM <target_table>

) allTables;

Obviously, there are rules coming with UNION ALL, such as you need to name(user alias eventually)
all the columns of each select. More on this on the hive wiki.


On Oct 3, 2011, at 5:02 PM, Bejoy Ks wrote:

Hi Experts
>    I'm intending to use hive dynamic partition approach on my current business use
case. What I have in mind for the design is as follows.
>-Load my incoming data into a non partitioned hive table (Table 1)
>-Load this data into partitioned hive table using Dynamic Partitions(Table 2)
>-Flush the data in Table1(Drop Table and Recreate the same)
>With this series of steps my data world be ready for mining.
>    This is going to a periodic process happening daily. When I searched around I came
across a concern with this approach, 'the partitions getting overwritten'. 
>For example. Say my second table is partitioned based on Country and in my first load,
data is populated in the partition with country=USA. When the second time my Dynamic Partition
load/insert it is executed and the source data again contains value with country=USA, in that
case the data that is already there in the partition be overwritten with the new ones. 
>Is my understanding right on this scenario? Also in such scenarios what would be recommended
approach to overcome this hurdle. Basically I want the existing data in the partition to be
preserved while new data is added on to. I can't go ahead with the static partition approach
because my data is huge and the number of partitions are also petty large.  Has some one
framed effective solutions on such scenarios with Dynamic Partition insert approach? Can some
one guide me with a suitable approach with hive for such use cases?
>Thanks and Regards
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