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From Guillaume WEILL <>
Subject Cache + HIVE
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 14:40:54 GMT

When I run the same query several times in Hive, the execution time
decreases (1000s,800s, 400s, 300s). That it is due solely to the use of ram?
Assuming that the execution time of a request increases in proportion to the
 size of the table being queried, should I assume that if my table increases
 to exceed my RAM space, my performance would be proportional to the first
query execution time? (ie. Assuming my RAM has aspace of 10GB and a query on
 a table of 10 GB runs in 1000s 300s Then, a query on 20GB will run again in
2000s, without observing a decrease again after the request?)


Ps : Sorry for my poor english.

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