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From Adam Phelps <>
Subject Hive question, summing second-level domain names
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 20:03:48 GMT
(As an FYI I'm relatively new to Hive and have no previous SQL 
experience, so have been struggling a bit with the Language manual which 
seems to assume previous SQL experience)

Suppose I have a table, within which there is a column which contains 
domain names (ie such as  I want to perform a count 
of all second-level domains, ie and 
would count in the same bucket.

Now I could count things for a particular second-level domain like this:

   year, month, day, hour, COUNT(1) as count
   year = 2011 AND
   month = 05 AND
   day = 15 AND
     domain RLIKE ".*[.]apache[.]org"
   year, month, day, hour

however I'm not seeing a way to sum up all second-level domains rather 
than a particular one.  I basically want to group everything using a 
regular expression along the lines of ".*[.][^.]*[.][^.]*" and then 
output lines with a count for the common portion.  Any pointers in the 
correct direction would be welcome.

- Adam

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