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From Marcos Ortiz <>
Subject Planning a migration from PostgreSQL to Hadoop/Hive
Date Wed, 04 May 2011 20:55:45 GMT
We are planning a migration from a large PostgreSQL-based DWH to 
Hadoop/Hive. The principal reason for this migration is the massive 
growth of the data to analyze (5.6 TB and growing) where PostgreSQL like 
a MVCC-based RDBMS has its pitfalls with heavy updates and query 
execution with great quantities of data. (We had done many query tunning 
and optimization to the server, with a minor effect on the latency of 
the queries).

So, we have viewed Hadoop and we have done some tests combined with Hive 
and HBase and it´s awesome the obtained performance.

Can you give us some advices to develop a good plan for this?

- O.S:CentOS-5.5 64 bits
- Java version: 1.6. Update 20
- Hardware: 8 Nodes - AMD Opteron QuadCore 4130
                                     8 GB RAM
                                     1 TB HDD


Marcos Luís Ortíz Valmaseda
  Software Engineer (Large-Scaled Distributed Systems)
  University of Information Sciences,
  La Habana, Cuba
  Linux User # 418229

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