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From "Sunderlin, Mark" <>
Subject Selecting an entire map, not just one element with Squirrel?
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2011 17:56:31 GMT
OK, feeling a bit dumb here . so I need the hive user group jolt to the head ...

Given a table like:

describe hive_map_test
col_name		data_type	comment
log_record_type	int		<null>
key_pairs		map<string,string>	<null>
ev_date		string	<null>

and given that this works:

select key_pairs['kvcity'] from hive_map_test

Selecting the map as a whole should be:

select key_pairs from hive_map_test

Which works from Hue.  But, when I try this with Squirrel, I get:

java.sql.SQLException: Inrecognized column type: map<string,string>

Any ideas?

Also, anyway to get just the keys in a select?

Mark E. Sunderlin
Solutions Architect |AOL Data Warehouse
P: 703-256-6935 | C: 540-327-6222
AIM: MESunderlin
22000 AOL Way | Dulles, VA | 20166

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