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From Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu <>
Subject Re: Evaluating union types in Hive 7?
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 09:16:37 GMT
As far as I remember, the functionality is not included in original patch. Please raise a jira
and feel free to upload a patch if you can.


On 4/19/11 2:44 AM, "Jakob Homan" <> wrote:

I'm having trouble using the union type introduced in HIVE-537.
Consider a table with a column, union1, with a union type
uniontype<float,boolean,string>.  While it's possible to select this

{2:"union1value 2"}
{2:"union1value 4"}

it doesn't seem to be possible to filter on this column or do any type
of comparison:
hive> select union1 from kst where union1=true limit 10;
FAILED: Error in semantic analysis: line 1:29 Argument Type Mismatch
union1: The 1st argument of EQUAL  is expected to a primitive type,
but union is found

There doesn't appear to be any operator for dereferencing the value
held by the union, and nesting the create_union UDF isn't legal either
(thank goodness, that would be a horrible way to interact with
unions).  Am I missing something, or was this functionality not
included in the original patch?  There's no documentation on unions,
and I'd be happy to file a patch to add some, once I can get data out
from them.


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