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From Larry Ogrodnek <>
Subject UDF constructor params?
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 18:20:01 GMT
For some UDFs I'm working on now it feels like it would be handy to be
able to pass in parameters during construction.  It's an integration
with an external reporting API...


-- include last 30 days from april 4th
create temporary function orders_last_month as
'com.example.OrderSearch("20110404", 30)'

-- get orders for customer 11
select order_last_month(11), ...

Obviously I can perform the same logic passing everything into the UDF:

select orders_last_month("20110404", 30, 11), ...

but this doesn't feel as nice..

additionally, having the information available in the constructor
might give the UDF more information on how to perform caching, allow
it to do more complex initialization, etc.

Just wondering if this has ever been thought about, discussed, or
needed by anyone else....


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