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From Matthew Rathbone <>
Subject Adding a temporary function for thirft queries
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 20:36:23 GMT
Hey all,

We use Amazon's elastic mapreduce and Hive 0.7 to run analytics queries, and
I'm having problems dynamically adding functions for use in the thrift

I want to add a jar, add a function, then execute a query.

Using ruby as the example, I've tried:

      Hive.connect(@url, @port) do |connection|
        connection.execute(<ADD JAR and FUNCTION>)
        results = connection.fetch(query)
but the function is not available between calls.

So I tried prepending the query with the function creation calls, but then I
don't get any data back from hive (simply an empty array).

Could someone direct me to the best way to add functions for thrift queries?
Honestly I'd rather add them permanently on startup, but I can't find a way
to do that either.

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