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From Michael Jiang <>
Subject query external table with partitions not return any data
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2011 19:41:08 GMT
Met a problem that data in an external table didn't get read by hive.

Here's how the table was created and data loaded.

- Created an external table w/ a partition, pointing to an existing location
in hdfs as follows :

create external table order_external (item string, quantity int) partitioned
by (dt string) row format delimited fields terminated by '\t' stored as
textfile location '/user/usera/data/hivetables/order';

- Data from a local file system copied to hdfs

Have 2 data files in local file system

order.2011-03-01.01, which contains 2 entries
order.2011-03-01.02, which contains 1 entry

cd to data file folder
hadoop fs -copyFromLocal order.*

verify data is there
hadoop fs -cat /user/usera/data/hivetables/order/dt=2011-03-01/*
returns 3 entries =>
android    2
iphone    3
ipad    1

- Now, query all items in partition dt='2011-03-01'

select * from order_external o where o.dt='2011-03-01';

this does not show any entry nor did "select * from order_external".

I also played with an external table created similar to above, the same
location (w/o 'dt=...' folder ofcourse) and data used, the same schema and
table name, etc., except that the only difference is this external table is
created without a partition. Querying the table shows correct results.
Didn't have this problem w/ "internal" table that has partitions.

So, what is wrong or missing? Any idea?


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