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From abhishek pathak <>
Subject Re: Hive too slow?
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 05:24:27 GMT
I suspected as such.My system is a Core2Duo,1.86 Ghz.I understand that 
map-reduce is not instantaneous, just wanted to confirm that 2200 rows in 4 
minutes is indeeed not normal behaviour.Could you point me at some places where 
i can get some info on how to tune this up?


From: Ajo Fod <>
Sent: Mon, 7 March, 2011 9:21:51 PM
Subject: Re: Hive too slow?

In my experience, hive is not instantaneous like other DBs, but 4 minutes to 
count 2200 rows seems unreasonable.

For comparison my query of 169k rows one one computer with 4 cores running 1Ghz 
(approx) took 20 seconds.


On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 1:19 AM, abhishek pathak <> 

>I am a hive newbie.I just finished setting up hive on a cluster of two servers 
>for my organisation.As a test drill, we operated some simple queries.It took the 
>standard map-reduce algorithm around 4 minutes just to execute this query:
>count(1) from tablename;
>The answer returned was around 2200.Clearly, this is not a big number by hadoop 
>standards.My question is whether this is a standard performance or is there some 
>configuration that is not optimised?Will scaling up of data to say,50 times, 
>produce any drastic slowness?I tried reading the documentation but was not clear 
>on these issues, and i would like to have an idea before this setup starts 
>working in a production  environment.
>Thanks in advance,
>Abhishek Pathak

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