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From Bennie Schut <>
Subject Re: Hive & MS SQL Server
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 18:42:30 GMT
Interesting. Sounds like a valid reason. I haven't used any version after 2k myself hopefully
the changing the default schema works.

Op 24 mrt. 2011 om 16:33 heeft "shared mailinglists" <<>>
het volgende geschreven:

Thanks Bernie, hopefully they will.

Were a small Java development team within a predominately MS development house. We’re hopefully
introducing new ideas but the normal company politics dictate that we should use SQL Server.
That way maintenance, backup, recover etc etc can be handed over to the internal MS db team
while freeing us guys to concentrate on better things like Hadoop & Hive :-) I assumed
with the DB just being a metadata store that the database wouldn’t be an issue but were
struggling a bit:-(

On 24 March 2011 15:23, Bennie Schut <<><>>
Sorry to become a bit offtopic but how do you get into a situation where sqlserver 2005 becomes
a requirement for a hive internal meta store?

I doubt many of the developers of hive will have access to this database so I don't expect
a lot of response on this. But hopefully someone can prove me wrong :)


On 03/24/2011 04:01 PM, shared mailinglists wrote:

Hi Hive users :-)

Does anybody have experience of using Hive with MS SQL Server 2005? I’m currently stumped
with the following issue <>
where Hive (or DataNucleus?) confuses the COLUMNS table it requires internally with that of
the default SQL Server sys.COLUMNS or information_schema.COLUMNS View and therefore does not
automatically create the required metadata table when running the Hive CLI.

Has anybody managed to get Hive to work with SQLServer 2005 or know how I can configure Hive
to use a different table name to COLUMNS ? Unfortunately we have to use SQL Server and do
not have the option to use Derby or MySQL etc.

Many thanks,


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